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Crystal Lensball
Crystal Lensball
Crystal Lensball
Crystal Lensball

Crystal Lensball

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A product built keeping in mind the quality standards a professional photographer needs, for a price everyone can afford. Your smartphone will perfectly autofocus and other smart camera features work with the Crystal Lensball, just like you like it.  

*Due to the high volume of orders, shipment may take up to 12 - 20 days.*

How it's made, step by step:

Big, high quality, crystal bars are cut up into perfect cubes using diamond cutting blades.

The cubes are placed on a heat resistant conveyer belt that runs through an oven, gradually heating them up to a temperature of 1600 °C  (3000 °F). This makes the cubes soft and slightly mouldable.

One by one the heated cubes are pressed to their round shape using a big hydraulic mould press.

To avoid imperfections and bubbles, the crystal balls are very gradually brought down to room temperature (20 °C  (70 °F)).

Multiple polishing steps create a flawless surface. At the end of these steps the balls are perfectly round, but still have a matte white finish.

Two disks with a fine polishing surface spin at high speed with the crystal balls in-between. After 40 minutes in this machine, they are completely transparent.

Every ball is extensively inspected for imperfections. Only one out of four pass this test, the others get recycled and start again at step one.